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April 10, 2013

Go, Read: The CBLDF On Why Selling Saga #12 Isn't Actionable And Is In Fact Well-Protected

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has an important post up here derived from news yesterday that Apple won't carry the Image comic book Saga #12 on one of their services because of two panels apparently involving explicit sex between two gay characters.

I honestly don't have any idea whether or not the panels came to the attention of the folks that decided not to carry it solely because of their explicit nature or some combination of that explicit nature and it being expressed through a scene including gay characters. I strongly, strongly suspect that it's solely the explicit nature of those panels, with the only counter-argument that lends credence to the other side being that you have to be the goddamn comics art super-detective to suss this out if you aren't checking that scene for reasons other than completely rational, non-biased, non-judgmental boner-huntage. Honestly, though, I don't give a shit. I think it's really dumb not to carry something because of that, just roll your eyes out of your head dumb, and I further don't have any patience for values that leap right to the language being used in expressing disdain for the act of restriction over the implications of that act of restriction. I mean, come on: that kind of rhetorical judo is 20 years old now. I certainly hope that if pressure is applied in the direction of that company they will reverse their decision in this specific case and review the policy. It seems very 1980s culture war.

The fact that we have to reassure people that they won't be prosecuted for selling a comic with tiny boners in it to adults that I'm going to guess have either seen or are at least comfortable with the concept of boners in the context of a story they've decided to enjoy seems to me an almost crystal-clear, real-world example of the dangers of restricting access to this material as a business decision because of some goofy-ass policy.
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