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May 31, 2011

Go, Read: The Chicago Tribune Profiles Ivan Brunetti

Christopher Borelli of The Chicago Tribune has penned a poignant profile of Ivan Brunetti for the Midwest's major paper of record. Brunetti's one of the smartest, funniest people to ever work in comics, and it's to Borelli's credit that you get right to that in the natural course of the article in addition to getting the salient details of his career and Borelli's conception of its apparent, central conflicts. Even if you have no interest in Brunetti, you should read it for Borelli's description of an excruciating store signing. Best poop joke to appear in the Tribune this week, I bet, as well.

I once watched Brunetti do instantaneous, single-panel cartoons from submitted words as the people suggesting the words watched him, at a CBLDF table in San Diego. Nearly all of the resulting cartoons were deeply funny and viciously disgusting. It seemed like an impossibly difficult thing for any cartoonist to do.
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