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January 23, 2014

Go, Read: The Never Ending Battle Jokes May Never End

The Hollywood Reporter has a nice write-up here on 1) the latest court rejection for a re-hearing on one of the Siegel and Shuster cases for ownership of elements of the Superman copyright, and 2) what's to come. What's to come looks like unyielding attempts to find legal purchase. The new wrinkle here -- and I only got a D+ in parsing this kind of stuff at comic book college -- seems to be we may see an entire "you breached the contract you're saying abrogated a rights claim" pursuit, in whatever court that's appropriate.

Something that's interesting if you're following these matters for their comics culture implications is that accusing Superman's current corporate owners of trying to game the one-time, agreed upon business deal, trying to add complications or requirements to the deal, is a scenario that might stand to answer the general fan accusation that it's lawyers like Marc Toberoff that capsized what looked like a potential settlement amenable in perpetuity to all sides.
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