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May 30, 2014

Go, Read: Three-Part Interview With Team Valiant

I found this three-part interview with the folks running Valiant interesting, although not always in a positive way. I like that was a company brought back to life by fans, and there's a straightforward line in the first section where the mission of the company is stated as simply as making the kind of comic that sold for the company once upon a time popular again that's super-appealing. I also liked some of the discussion about the company's publishing output. It does get a bit relentless with the broad, empty superlatives, though, and after a while my eyes sort of glazed over in terms of picking up any real information beyond assurances as to how the company is doing within its market. I also found some of the stronger statements made more untenable than undeniable. I'm sure not every retailer smiles when they think of chromium covers, for instance, particularly if you count all the retailers that were driven out of existence by excesses of non-content sales mechanisms. I could be wrong.
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