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August 21, 2014

Go, Read: Three Profiles Of Three Very Different Cartoonists In Three Very Different Formats


* long-ago TCJ contributor and still-active academic with an interest in comics Kenton Worcester has penned a brief and affectionate obituary for the late Phil Evans at New Politics. Evans is a cartoonist with whom I have only the most minimal familiarity, and I am as grateful to learn more about him in this way as I am regretful this understanding comes after he has gone.

* I don't read the Chicago Tribune any longer, although it was once an everyday habit extending out on both sides of my living in the city for just over two years. That the Chicago Tribune was supplementing their employment of Scott Stantis with Joe Fournier was something that had escaped me. So to read an old-fashioned enthusiastic endorsement of his work by Michael Miner in the Chicago Reader was a pleasant surprise and I look forward to tracking down the comics themselves. I love non-traditional uses of the form, even if it's just breaking from bare-bones expectations as to what a cartoon should do.

* Sean T. Collins interviewed Meghan Turbitt at today, and it's a fun interview. Talking to younger cartoonists -- and Turbitt applies in terms of age and in terms of the amount of work she's done -- can be difficult, but they have a nice conversation about the big themes to emerge thus far in her work.
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