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August 14, 2018

Go, Read: Tim Hodler And Eric Reynolds Talk About The ComiXology Originals Announcement At Length

Here. Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds makes three really good points in a rambling conversation (in a good way) with TCJ editor Tim Holder.

The first is that Amazon is so huge that they do things and there's a result and some of their biggest moves have had a devastating effect on entire populations. (What's different about Amazon is they are a big company that wants to exist within Seattle city proper as opposed to a nearby, smaller city the way Microsoft did.) The second thing is that comiXology seems to be a good citizen of comics -- it's important to say that, both for how that matters and how it might not. The third is that the POD quandary they're discussing really does sound insidious, if only accidentally so, and is the kind of unintentional consequence that we used to talk about in the most powerful days of Diamond as a distributor.

Kudos to Tim and TCJ for giving us that entire conversation and paying attention to those issues as an industry leader like Reynolds begins to form his thoughts around them.
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