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January 24, 2014

Go, Read: Tim O'Neil And Abhay Khosla Talk Comics, Comics Blogging, Comedy In Comics

There's a nice discussion here between Tim O'Neil and the writer Abhay Khosla spun out from the tenth anniversary of O'Neil's blog. It's really inside baseball -- not stats and ephemera inside, more like rubber bands wrapped tightly around a ball inside -- but there are some interesting notions about comedy and comedy in comics in there if you want to hear two critics talk about that kind of thing. There's also a mighty paragraph about basic, decent conduct that kind of wraps up a year of stupid comics-industry stories. Everything else seems like it was written explicitly to entertain me and like a dozen other people -- which is a great way to celebrate the anniversary of any blog. And I'm still not sure why Peep Show never quite hit with American audiences.
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