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September 9, 2013

Go, Read: Timeline Of Recent DC Editorial/Creator Relationships

The one document I had e-mailed in my direction more than any other this weekend was this John Gholson piece on people leaving DC Comics -- and other important dates, particularly in terms of context -- from the New 52 era, now two full years old. This is the kind of thing that reads as both less alarming than you'd think in terms of the overall volume of instances (well, it reads that way to me) and a little bit more of a shocker in terms of the perceived, arbitrary nature of how some of those relationships have played themselves out. This is something about which people in comics gossip incessantly, so it's nice to see a post that tries to establish a sort of basic structure to the conversation. There are two or three instances in there of which I was either completely unaware or had forgotten.
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