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July 16, 2014

Go, Read: Two Articles On The Tough Business Road Facing Creators

* the Guardian enters into a wide-ranging, rolling series of recent articles in a bunch of places about the income level of artists and writers with a piece on how even what we think of as professional writers are living below the minimum standard of what folks think make for a decent living. It's probably worth noting that I know many cartoonists that would look at making $18K as a magnificent upgrade. I bet there are more people living in that $9K to $15K range than we might be comfortable discussing. I'm not sure what the ultimate outcome here is.

* Colleen Doran preaches self-awareness. "This job has no benefits, no guarantees. Nothing. If you don’t make enough money to pay for every dime of your health care, your retirement, and all your business expenses, as well as your daily living needs, you are not making it as a professional creator. Getting by is not good enough." This is part of a piece on how maybe taking a day job isn't a bad thing. I think most of us work a variety of jobs in our lives; some come sooner, some come later, some double-up. There are a million ways to go through life, and most of them aren't so bad unless you choose to project yourself into a better one and beat yourself up about it.
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