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August 8, 2017

Go, Read: Why Isn't There A Fantastic Four Comic?

Here. I think if you've been tracking this story the new element is the suggestion that the awfulness of the Fox movies is a contributing factor in why there isn't a comic book starring modern Marvel's first characters the month we celebrate the 100th birthday of that storytelling universe's primary mover, the great Jack Kirby. This is a shift from an argument that their identity as Fox movies is more significant than the movies themselves.

What strikes me more than incremental progress on an answer is that this indicates there still really isn't a firm answer of any kind, a public state of mumbling until the next question is asked which resonates strongly during this period of Marvel going slightly off the rails and the rudderless feel one gets about individual publishing initiatives from the longtime market leader. We also get to once again process what I think is a canard about family, something I feel is essential to that property only in the way that everything needs to be boiled down into movie/TV pitches. But whatever the shape of it, there's still no firm answer. In the meantime, Marvel is doing a soft relaunch of its overall universe that puts in the foreground multiple narrative threads instead of a single one involving a rocket.

Nothing here gives me hope that if those characters are brought back somehow that they'll know any better what to do with them. I get the way some characters may fade in and out, but this kind of odd, spread-out dissembling sounds most like the way DC treated its Wonder Woman character before first week box office of her latest film.
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