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July 3, 2014

Go, Read: Wim Lockefeer On New Dutch Publishing House Scratch


Catching up to news that I think may be about a month old at this point, Wim Lockefeer presents what seems like a pretty straight-forward publishing story, at least in terms of its surface facts. The publisher De Bezige Bij purchased literary comics publisher Oog En Blik in 2012. Cost-cutting measure led to the firing of that company's founder, Hansje Joustra, and a reduction in the publishing schedule. Joustra has recently resurfaced with two partners -- investor Wiebe Mokken and cartoonist Joost Swarte -- with a new company, Scratch, and a 20-book-per-year slate and agreements with cartoonists such as Ever Meulen and Typex already in place.

Lockefeer notes that De Bezige Bij did well enough with distribution and in terms of the publicity reach for individual books that it might raise the bar in terms of what creators might expect of a company like Scratch, although the Dutch-language article from which he's pulling some information softens that point of view a bit. At any rate, that's one on which to keep an eye. One thing we've learned in North American comics publishing is that there is a lot of work out there to be published, and that publishers tend to be catalysts for work to be made as much as they are conduits for what's already there.
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