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February 21, 2014

Good For ReedPOP On Joining The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's Corporate Membership Program

Here's the press release about convention organzier ReedPOP joining the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's corporate membership program, an act of good citizenship in an industry that really lacks the kind of infrastructure for a lot of similar such acts. I would hope that every significant business industry with some sort of business relating to comics would join. The two that pop into my head reading the list of members that aren't involved for whom it would be easy to involved are Marvel and Wizard, whatever their corporate names are now. There are also other book publishers that could join pretty easily, I'd guess. I'm not sure how non-profits and schools work with this kind of thing, and for a lot of other entities I would guess there are cash flow issues. Still, that's a good list, and I'm grateful for all that participate in comics this way.
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