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November 29, 2012

Good News: Denmark Adds Comics Educational Track

There's an upbeat post over at Metabunker about The Animation Workshop in Viborg announcing a four-year bachelor's program in graphic storytelling. This would apparently be like that group's already-lauded animation degree and similar to school efforts in Sweden that the post cites as making a huge difference in local comics production. I think this is also encouraging for people no matter what country they're in because one of the many institutions with a hand in comics making good on something like this is a positive sign across the board for such partnerships moving forward. I'm also imagining that pretty soon students at CCS and SCAD can do a term at such a school overseas and there might be some kind of hijinks-related movie that comes from it.

Update: Here's the official word, which I'm told clears up some misapprehensions in the above linked-to piece.
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