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March 22, 2014

Happy Hellboy Day And Congratulations To Mike Mignola On Twenty Years With That Creation!


There are chocolates and there are digital comics and there are store appearances and there are regular comics on sale.

The above image was done for his TCJ issue, back in 1996.

One of the amazing things about Mignola's work with Hellboy is that it's been at a certain high general level of quality for a really, really long time in the way we measure things now. There are very few characters created after 1990 that get even a short run in the marketplace. Everyone that's worked on the character has done a really good job keeping up a general high level of quality and not pushing so much material down our throats the character and his milieu has ever become tiresome. Like the really fun newspaper adventure strips and like the great Marvel comics of the 1960s, I think -- others disagree -- that you can jump in just about anywhere and get a feel for the material pretty quickly.

I own all of these comics, or very nearly all of them.

Congratulations to Mike Mignola and all the others involved.
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