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July 7, 2013

Please Help Me Out: Suggest Discrete Digital Work For Review

I'd love to review more digital comics work on the side in all permutations and formats. One probably that I have with sorting that material is that most of what I'm led to is in the middle of serializing itself in very determined, active fashion. This makes it harder to engage than something that's already, well, more done. While I don't mind reviewing a series more generally, it does seem odd at times to interact with a work that is obviously cranking through material where what is to come may change how we perceive what has already happened. So if you know of work where there are discrete units to be engaged or at the very least the part that's rolling out is representative of the whole in a way that one's opinion isn't likely to change once the rest of it is seen (the way the middle of a run of gags in a standard month for Peanuts is different than the month where Charlie Brown wore a bag over his head at summer camp),
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