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October 22, 2013

I Always Think Of Stan Lee Media As A Bunch Of Guys In A UFO Flying Around Suing People

Milton Griepp over at the hobby business news and analysis site caught a story that I missed that Stan Lee Media has suffered a major setback in a legal matter not its usual legal matter of suing Marvel for all the Marvel properties on which they believe Lee once worked, then gave to them, and then implicitly took back when transferring the rights to them for a payout from Marvel several years back. Apparently, this time was an appeal of a ruling from February 2012 that found that rights to Conan once held by the company had been transferred in a proper manner and that SLM had no real basis on which to sue. It's hard for me to imagine Stan Lee Media having much of a life left, even as a thing that sues people. As implied a couple of sentences back, Stan Lee Media is a different entity than Stan Lee, and the latter hasn't been involved with the former for years and years.
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