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April 1, 2014

I Don't Usually Post "Do You Know This Comic?" E-Mails, But This One Was Odd Enough To Intrigue Me

Here's a question from a reader I got via e-mail. They asked twice, so I feel it's of some importance to them. It's the old identifying a strip routine:
The comic that I am looking for was in the Sundays Paper around 1975 In Palestine, TX.

The comic says Bite on this Bullet Thelma if I hurt you

Can you tell me since it was Palestine Newspaper. Or who I could get in touch with. Thank you for your time."
Any thoughts? The only Thelma I know is Family Circus, and while that sounds like the best Sunday installment of Family Circus ever, I doubt that's what this person saw. Did any of the late-period adventure strips have a Thelma character?

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