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May 28, 2014 Amazon Moves Away From Screwing Over Marvel Books In Attempt To Gain Control Of Profits

The hobby business news and analysis site has a short piece up here that indicates that the Marvel books distributed by Hachette have gone back to being available -- they had briefly been the victim of the retailing giant's out-in-the-open hardball policy of treating suppliers lke Hachette poorly in a a move to seize more of the digital business they'll need to start showing profit, the profit their investors are beginning to demand. Welcome to the new book market.

I'm not sure that any of these individual stories -- or even the bunch of them together -- of intimidation and open fuckery will have an effect at all on the way Amazon conducts itself in the future, except maybe they'll become more circumspect about applying pressure. I'm also not sure what if anything can be done except everyone walking around frowning in the hopes that this matters to someone out there. At least I'm not sure if anything can be done right now. I do think it's valuable to pay attention to this story as it slowly rolls its way through that market, though, because Amazon in a dominant position is the market moving forward, and what they do with that power should be filed away and not forgotten.

Getting to bitch about this almost makes me wish I were in New York for BEA. Almost.
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