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October 10, 2013

Image Comics: 350,000 Copies Of Walking Dead #115 Sold

imageAn interview by Brian Truitt and USA Today with writer Robert Kirkman reveals that the multiple-cover and storyline-kickoff Walking Dead #115 has sold 350,000 copies, which will make it the #1 best-selling comic in the Direct Market this year. (I have to imagine that Asterix and the Picts and several volumes of manga will outsell the book in their respective markets.) Apparently this information came from the book's publisher, Image Comics.

I'm happy for Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard and for the publisher. While Kirkman downplays having the #1 comic as being a prize unto itself, selling that many copies of a book when you're self-publishing through Image should mean a fine return. I'm always made a little nervous by multiple cover stunts, but a) they ran their last multiple cover stunt pretty well in mid-2012 and b) the fact that the Direct Market seems to function at its best as a delivery system for popular genre comics with a collectible element to them may be something I find distressing, but isn't something you can put at the feet of a project that simply benefits from this fact.
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