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September 21, 2011

A Trio Of Digital Comics Publishing News Updates

* Graphicly has announced and put into use an app that allows users to install comics on their Facebook pages, which I guess is a wholly unique offering of that service right at this moment. This will be used -- one would guess -- by the publishers in a promotional sense, although the press I've seen also places emphasis on fans doing it in order to proselytize about their favorite books.

* Chris Ware has developed a comic called Touch Sensitive available exclusively for the iPad through the free and I assume easily downloadable McSweeney's app.

* Marvel's digital bundles idea seems like a the start of something that will be used to much better effect down the line. I can't imagine that at some point one of these companies with tens of thousands of past comics not really making any sort of significant bottom-line contribution to their sales won't find a way to employ them on behalf of selling newer comics or subscription packages.
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