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May 22, 2017

Go, Look: Sunburning Preview At Illustrated PEN

I'm very much a fan
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OTBP: The Would-Be Bridegrooms

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The Article That Would Have Been The Talk Of Comics Ten Years Ago And Now... Meh

imageIt strikes me that this piece on comics in college curricula by Shannon Watkins would have enraged comics for maybe a couple of weeks back in 2008 or so, and stands very little chance of doing so today. I assume teaching prose has all of the benefits asserted. Teaching comics I imagine is developing and will develop virtues of its own. Some will overlap. There's no proof they're in serious competition. Everything in the article is a broad argument, built from delicate threads and sweeping generalization. I do like the notion that teaching comics is a way to promote progressive politics because I don't really get that out of comics as a whole at all.

I'm generally fascinated by the idea of being taught comics because I feel for certain I would have hated it and avoided such classes like a champ were they offered when I was a student. I'm not all the way sure why. I mean I would have avoided being taught in an English way, not a history way, although the latter doesn't appeal to me either. I'd be the worst comics teacher ever, too. That's mostly because I spend half my time sitting asleep, which I assume would be a bad thing for class discipline. The only class I've ever heard of in comics that I'd like to take is John Ronan's SAW history of comics class, because I bet John could teach that subject for eight semesters and not reach the 20th Century. Also, you don't fall asleep on John Ronan. Even then I'd take it pass/fail.
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Go, Look: Tom Grindberg Tarzan Pages

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Collective Memory: TCAF 2017


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2017 edition of TCAF, held May 13-14 in and around the Toronto Reference Library in Toronto.

This entry will continue to be updated for as long as people


* Con Site
* Physical Location
* Host City

* Four Women In A Hotel Room

Blogs And Personal Journals
* Secret Acres
* The Beat 01
* The Beat 02
* The Beat's TCAF Interview Series
* Ziechnun Illustration Comic

* Festival Page

* Annie Koyama
* Gabrielle Bell
* Matthew Brown
* The Center For Cartoon Studies

* Profile Of Ngozi Ukazu
* Profile Of The Beguiling's Move

News Stories And Columns
* Anne Ishii Stopped At Border -- Brigid Alverson at Smash Pages

* Bleeding Cool

* CBC Books

* Fansided

* Newsarama
* Now Toronto

* PW 01
* PW 02

* Quill And Quire 01
* Quill And Quire 02

* Smash Pages 01
* Smash Pages 02
* Smash Pages 03
* Smash Pages 04
* The Globe And Mail

* Annie Koyama
* Chris Pitzer
* PW

* Festival Account
* #tcaf2017

* Angeline Mauri
* Brigid Alverson
* C. Dsa

* Alexander Finbow
* Deconstructing Comics 01
* Deconstructing Comics 02
* Deconstructing Comics 03
* Deconstructing Comics 04
* InnerSpace
* Jennifer Mitchell: Calvin Reid Interviewing Ngozi Ukazu 01
* Jennifer Mitchell: Calvin Reid Interviewing Ngozi Ukazu 02
* Jennifer Mitchell: Calvin Reid Interviewing Ngozi Ukazu 03
* Jennifer Mitchell: Calvin Reid Interviewing Ngozi Ukazu 04
* S3w Not Perfect
* The Frog Queen




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Not Comics: Series Of Images From Jeremy Eaton

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By Request Extra: Rich Buckler's Scholarship Fund


Clifford Meth wrote in to CR on the occasion of the passing of his friend Rich Buckler. He noted the tough last several years through which Buckler struggled despite at one point being a significant freelancer in the US mainstream.

This gofundme has some of those words from Meth, but more importantly I think gives Buckler's fans and peers a nice way to remember the artist. That's an achievable dollar amount, extra money is always useful to scholarship drives, and the end result would help someone in the here and now in a way that would keep the late comics-maker's name alive in the field where he made his name.
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If I Were In Portland, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Brighton, I'd Go To This

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Go, Look: Kay McKay, Air Hostess

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Random Comics News Story Round-Up

image* Alex Hoffman on Simon Hanselmann comics of recent vintage.

* Cristian Rossel profiles Rosemary Valero O'Connell. I thought the piece was going to be slippery about how much money we're talking about with the artist, but that actually become refreshingly clear by story's end.

* I tweeted this yesterday, and some of you have probably figured that for the next several months at the very least I'm going to push the line that perhaps comics should pursue fair and equitable reward to its creators as it primary community goal over the legitimacy and value of reading the comics, a battle I think mostly won (see the cover of the Fanta history). This is a minefield, of course, not the least of which is I think being honest and communicating to younger artists about the extent and nature of reward that awaits them might end up being more important than praising everyone equally to the moon at all stages of their career. We'll talk more, plenty of chances to call me a dick.

* Mr. Roth will be appearing at Giggles in Hicksville all Memorial Day weekend.

* here's a list of classic comic book stories that would be read differently today, and with obvious dismay. Tintin in the Congo remains to my mind the most directly dismaying example, though this list doesn't extend out of the US. I find most superhero stories dismaying because so many support violence as a solution in an unrealistic way.

* finally: some general freelance advice I haven't heard stated quite like that before.
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Happy 48th Birthday, Mimi Rosenheim!

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Happy 33rd Birthday, Whit Taylor!

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May 21, 2017

All Support To The Cartoonist Sophie Labelle, Harassed By Shitheads And Morons

Any one of these three articles -- or all of them together -- and cartoonist Sophie Labelle's Facebook post here should give you the parameters of the story.

There's such a matter of fact processing of what happened on Labelle's end, such as why the police haven't been brought in, that I hope everyone will read up and consider the issues involved very seriously. That anyone wastes their time working through their fears and hatred this way and the fact that no matter how admirable the response someone else still has to pay for this harassment in measurements of discomfort, worry and having life events disrupted, that shouldn't make anyone happy. The notion that this kind of thing continues to be an issue, that people will spend their time to actively punish someone just trying to do their thing, that's something no one can deny. It will likely be with us, in some form or another, always.

I hope the specific Canadian legal protections come, and I hope that this sort of aggression will one day feel as ridiculous and pathetic in the doing as it reads in the reporting. Until then, I hope anyone similarly afflicted will be supported as much as I'm sure most rationally thinking people will want to.
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If I Were In Pittsburgh, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Detroit, I'd Go To This

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Happy 37th Birthday, Sammy Harkham!

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Happy 51st Birthday, Mark Crilley!

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Happy 73rd Birthday, Kim Deitch!

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Happy 42nd Birthday, Neil Kleid!

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May 20, 2017

Rich Buckler, RIP

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If I Were In Pittsburgh, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Detroit, I'd Go To This

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If I Were In Chicago, I'd Go To This

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Happy 44th Birthday, Mike Norton!

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