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July 14, 2012

Fantagraphics Announces Digital Comics Program With comiXology: Love & Rockets New Stories First Up


Fantagraphics announced today that they've entered into a digital distribution agreement with comiXology and will make available the first four issues of the Hernandez Brothers Love and Rockets: New Stories comic to kick off that new deal. The fifth issue of the the title will be released on the digital platforms utilized by comiXology on the same date as the print release of the book hits comics markets this September. The plans are for Fantagraphics to start releasing work from its massive back catalog and very active front catalog that same month. They will also apparently makes use of the the digital distribution company's most up-to-date high-definition technology to ensure publication clarity.

I think this is a pretty big deal, as Fantagraphics is one of the few companies placed within a segment of the market where they operate in a way that them simply doing something has an impact (as opposed to a smaller company taking the lead, where I think there would be a much bigger wait-and-see component). They also have a humongous back catalog that seems to me loaded with potential for use this way because a) they're compulsive publishers b) it's material doesn't compete with present material because they're not an IP house, and c) material from a 20-30 year span is of interest arguably concurrent with comics of their type being made right now. Bring on Dalgoda! Bring on Big Mouth!

I also think it's wholly appropriate that Fantagraphics is kicking this off with the Hernandez Brothers and Love And Rockets, certainly the first major project they published there at the company (although not the official first project they published) and obviously a mighty contribution to American popular art. Long live Los Bros.
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