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March 29, 2013

Go, Read: David Weigel On The Norm Augustinus Drone Cartoon

There's a piece up at Slate by David Weigel that discusses claims by Norm Augustinus that a cartoon he did on the use of drones made him a target of secret service attention, with one supposes the implication being that there was less of an interest in the cartoon as a legitimate threat against elected officials than a desire to a) intimidate the cartoonist away from certain kinds of speech, b) protect the administration from Augustinus' claims of harassment, c) something nebulous and maybe even darker about the drone program and its importance to some set of political aims held by the current White House. You should read it if that kind of thing interests you. I think Weigel plays it correctly: it's at least interesting in terms of a certain political mindset, and the charges being made are nasty enough that if someone is willing go on the record making them they should be taken seriously enough to report.
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