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January 21, 2010

Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* in comics' big and generous heart news, members of the National Cartoonists Society are among those assembling art and other items for an auction on behalf of young coma victim Matthew Hodge. One hundred and fifty items are expected to be put up on eBay between now and Valentine's Day.

image* the cartoonist Evan Dorkin has posted his finished Marvel Villains art, headed for a charity auction. It's really cute. Marvel should commission a poster for charity or something. Man, how great and forward-thinking was Kirby's design for Klaw? Look at that guy! He could have been created last week.

* apparently, Mike Rhode will be writing about comics for the Washington City Paper.

* I usually go to Cagle's categorical arrangements of recent editorial cartoons to suss out the national mood on a story, but the ones on Kennedy seat in the US Senate going to a Republican merely confused and frightened me.

* not comics: AMC has approved a pilot based on Robert Kirkman's Walking Dead comic book series. The comic series was the mainstream comic book of the past decade in most of the ways that count, and a reasonably high-quality version on TV could be interesting.

* just because it's not the holidays anymore doesn't mean someone won't occasionally step and offer a good-looking comics sale. Or, in the case of legendary Bay Area retailer Comic Relief, offer them all month.

* there's something old-fashioned and appealing about an article basically designed to say how they're going use Thor to get Taskmaster over as a potential A-list villain.

* someone should do an anthology of campus-specific comics.

* finally, Bully's attention to the Marvel character The Beast this year is having the opposite effect of last year's run of posts spotlighting different panels featuring The Thing: it makes me think the Beast has had a mostly awful time of it over Marvel's publishing history.
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