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July 1, 2012

Thank You For Reading The Comics In Series Form Posts


Yesterday saw the final post in a series of entries on Comics I Read In Series Form In The 1980s. It was designed to run for the month of June, and help me ease my way back into writing about comics. Thank you if you read any of them. I'm beginning to suspect that reading comics in comic book series form may be a special thing for the medium in the same way that opening night at a theatre, a beautiful movie house during a matinee, an attractive book bought and carried around with you and listening to the radio in a living room near a fire while doing something with your hands, the way all of these special delivery system can be. It's also an experience I no longer have, and I wanted to think out loud bit on how I consumed comics when I was most passionate about them and how this had an impact on how I perceived them, then and now.

Here are links to each post in the series, if you want to go back and read them at some time. I could probably do about another 30, and I may do more for a future project involving expanded entries.

* X-Men
* Yummy Fur
* Nexus
* Mechanics
* Thriller
* Watchmen
* Mage
* Ronin
* Zot!
* American Flagg!
* Flaming Carrot Comics
* Elfquest
* Somerset Holmes
* Daredevil
* Cerebus
* The Badger
* The Saga Of The Swamp Thing
* Dalgoda
* Anything Goes!
* Elektra: Assassin
* Reid Fleming, The World's Toughest Milkman
* Epic Illustrated
* Miracleman
* Hup
* Legion Of Super-Heroes
* Myth Adventures!
* Border Worlds
* Mai, The Psychic Girl
* Richie Rich: Million Dollar Digest
* Mister X

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