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April 8, 2013

Your 2013 MoCCA Fest Award Of Excellence Winners

According to what I was able to piece together Saturday night from various intoxicated people and had confirmed through this tweet, the MoCCA Festival named its first Award Of Excellence honorees after a 6 PM meeting the first day of the show. The winners were:

* Simon Arizpe
* Greg Benton
* Kim Ku
* Jane Mai
* Nick Offerman
* Kenan Rubenstein
* Andrea Tsurumi

I've been told since that one of those may have been more of an honorable mention, but I don't know which one. The panel of judges was David Mazzucchelli, Gary Groth, Paul Pope, Nora Krug and Karen Berger. The panelists had the work for about a week to look at it on its own, which was a suggestion made by Gary Groth as opposed to an original strategy of finding stuff at the show.

The Benton book in particular was much talked about on the floor of the show.
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