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February 13, 2013

Irfan Hussain Case Re-Opened For Police Accountability Purposes

I'm not sure that I all the way understand the process of what's happened here, but it looks like the murder case of India cartoonist Irfan Hussain has seen some subsequent legal action in that a judge has ordered the police department be accountable for the actions that led to a mistrial in Hussain's killing. This gets awfully weird quick, though, because it looks like the agent of that order is the cartoonist's father, who seemingly never believed the people that were the beneficiaries of that mistrial were the ones responsible.

Hussain was a Muslim cartoonist whose politically-oriented magazine cartoons led many to believe that they were at least partly the cause of his being found killed in 1999. The alternative narrative, and the one that went to trial before it was aborted, concerned an auto theft ring and Hussain's unfortunate proximity to one of their crimes.
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