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June 27, 2012

Italian Newspaper Apologies For Unfortunate Euro 2012 Cartoon

imageWell, there it is. Not sure I have much to say about that. This is the soccer player Mario Balotelli, a very talented and I'd say charismatic player -- I know who he is, and I get lost with those guys all the time -- who plays in the Premier League for current champions Manchester City and is part of the Italy team currently playing (last I checked) in the Euro 2012 tournament. As one of the spokespeople quoted mentions, his being on the Italian team at all is a big deal, and symbolic, and encouraging for a lot of people, which makes this depiction a bit tragic, really. The usual course of dialogue is taken, it looks like, which makes me think we need a new way to talk about this kind of thing. I wish there a way to cop to the ugliness of depicting someone in that matter that didn't turn on there not being a machine out there that lets us know what's in someone's heart. I don't see that happening any time soon, though.
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