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February 21, 2014

James Patterson Giving Money To Independent Bookstores

The thing about the author -- and occasional engine for comics-making -- James Patterson injecting money straight into the infrastructure that made him rich is that it's hard to imagine one could sit around and figure out as much good to do with that money by one's self. I also like that simply paying people is seen as another structural improvement to be considered under this general model, because that's how it should be seen.

I actually think this kind of thing is more important than we realize because of how demented and arbitrary who profits can be in American industries now, including those surrounding entertainment media. That's not a shot at Patterson: he makes books that people really like to read. But I do think that people deciding profit isn't a holy right and re-investing it in those things they love, directly and without additional profit being made in the doing so by third parties, is the greatest way to redress structural imbalances. That may just be me, though.
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