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November 10, 2013

Jeff Smith Set To Debut Tuki Save The Humans Today


Jeff Smith is set to debut his new comic Tuki Save The Humans today at a CBLDF fundraiser at the Society Of Illustrators In New York. This is Smith's comics venture that's distinguished in part because it will be serialized on-line rather than in the comic book format. The new comic will also make -- all apologies to work he did for DC Comics -- Smith's third major series after the category-defining Bone and the science noir RASL.

How Smith and publishing partner Vijaya Iyer approach that general strategy of getting comics out there should be fascinating to watch above and beyond getting to experience the work itself. Tuki is an early-civilization themed adventure story and looks like will engage Smith's love for classic Sunday strip comics. Very few people have seen more than an image or two from the work, so it should be intriguing on that level as well. If you can make room in your budget for the donation being asked, that might be a fun one into which to slip at the end of a long NYC comics weekend.
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