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April 26, 2017

Jim Demonakos Leaves ReedPop To Pursue New Ideas

Jim Demonakos announced on Monday that he'll be leaving his current position at convention organizer ReedPOP. Demonakos secured the position at ReedPOP secured after the 2015 sale to the company of the extremely well-liked Emerald City show he founded in 2003. Demonakos will continue to consult for the company.

I would think that this is a loss for ReedPOP and a near-certain gain for whatever entities with whom he decides to work in the future. I know enough people have expressed dismay over the impact that the one-time retailer just going from direct to indirect influence on ECCC has had on the show, something which I have taken to be a sign of their affection for Demonakos.

I look forward to seeing what Demonakos chooses to do next. I would imagine he would have one of the broader ranges of opportunities for a comics free agent of recent vintage, and we've had some superstar editors shift gigs. Apparently, Demonakos will take that next step in the Pacific time zone, moving back from the East Coast to Seattle.
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