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February 12, 2014

Judges Name Sheldon Moldoff, Irwin Hasen And Orrin C. Evans To Eisner HOF, Nominee Pool Released


The Will Eisner Comic Book Industry Awards have named Sheldon Moldoff, Irwin Hasen and Orrin C. Evans to the Hall of Fame this year as the judges choices, and the awards has released its nominee list for induction by voters:

* Gus Arriola
* Howard Cruse
* Philippe Druillet
* Rube Goldberg
* Fred Kida
* Hayao Miyazaki
* Tarpé Mills
* Alan Moore
* Francoise Mouly
* Dennis O'Neil
* Antonio Prohias
* Rumiko Takahashi
* George Tuska
* Bernie Wrightson

More information about the pool members can be found here. The ones that jump out at me are Moore, a now-controversial figure and maybe the second or third person to get to this stage whose signature work would have come in the 1980s (he started in 1978), Mouly, who is a massively under-appreciated figure generally, Miyazaki, a beloved animator who made one of the great fantasy comics of the 20th Century, and Dennis O'Neil and Bernie Wrightson, both of whom I wold have lost $500 betting they were already in. I have to admit, I'd hoped that maybe Kim Thompson's passing last year might have called enough attention to his career that he might make the list this time out.

As for the winners, it's no one that I respond to artistically, to be honest with you. It's interesting to me that they're all Golden Age comic book figures, or at least that's likely how they're primarily thought of. I've enjoyed the comics of Moldoff and Hasen as representative works within that millieu and recognize the scope of their achievements as working professionals (Hasen on Dondi and as an educator in addition to his comic book work; Moldoff as a key creative contributor to the genre-defining Batman franchise. I do love Hasen's Wildcat design, and enjoyed that book about his woo-making that appeared a couple of years ago. Evans is a fascinating figure to me in American journalism more than in comics; it's pretty obvious that forming that company and coming out with that comic is an achievement for the ages and well worth recognizing this way -- actually, any way we can.

It's also worth noting that while two nominees is more common from the judges, as is the case with the awards themselves and say, which categories to include, the judges have some leeway in deciding how to proceed.
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