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April 24, 2014

Kevin Kallaugher Wins The Thomas Nast Award


The cartoonist Kevin Kallaugher, who works as KAL primarily for the Baltimore Sun and The Economist, has won this year's Thomas Nast Award as given out by the Overseas Press Club of America. It is that group's 75th anniversary; the Nast Award has been going out to editorial cartoonists since 1968. The citation notes this cartoons' "visual élan" which I agree is a notable strength of Kallaugher's at a time when that's not the way you'd describe a significant number of editorial cartoon-makers, even some very good ones.

I believe the program is tonight...? I'm not sure how that works. I know there's prize money involved in addition to the prestige attached to the name an an organization old enough google image searches yield men in top hats. Congratulations to Mr. Kallaugher.
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