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January 7, 2014

Kim Thompson Named Comics Industry Person Of The Year At Heidi MacDonald's The Beat


This is very nice. One of the best things about it is that you could argue that he should be in the running for all the things he did that weren't passing away -- he remained a vital force within his industry until the last day he worked, and the comics he made possible were some of the very best of last year.

Thompson's longtime publishing partner Gary Groth suggested buying some Fantagraphics books as a way to honor Kim receiving this nice thing. I'll be more specific: why not buy The Adventures Of Jodelle? It's a really good book, a beautiful book. It's a book Kim was very proud to work on; I know this because he showed it to me on multiple trips to Seattle and I can't ever remember being shown the same book twice other than that one. Check out his enthusiasm here. It's also a book that in this current form would almost certainly not exist for you to buy were it not for Kim. One of the splendid things about Kim Thompson -- and this is also true of Gary Groth, and a number of members of that generation of comics industry people -- is that he used his position as a publisher and the skills he had as an editor and translator and historian and critic to make possible works like this one. I know he wanted to talk to this site on its behalf when it was released.

Here's a review of the book by the cartoonist Katie Skelly.

Trust me, this thing is stupendous-looking and super-cool; you can forget all about Kim Thompson in a few months after its purchase and you will still have one spiffy book. Think about it!

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