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August 13, 2013

Bundled Extra: Koyama Press Announces Four Titles For Spring 2014 -- Jacobs, Lim, DeForge, Kim


Koyama Press has announced its Spring 2014 line-up, consisting of four books. They are:

* Safari Honeymoon, Jesse Jacobs, softcover, use of spot colors, 80 pages, 9781927668047, May 2014, $15.
* 100 Crushes, Elisha Lim, softcover, full-color, 100 pages, 9781927668061, June 2014, $18.
* A Body Beneath, Michael DeForge, softcover, black and white, 152 pages, 9781927668078, May 2014, $15.
* Cat Person, Seo Kim, softcover, full-color, 144 pages, 9781927668054, May 2014, $20.

That is an interesting group. The DeForge, incidentally, is a collection of material from early issues of Lose. You can read full descriptions of that one, and the others through the initial link. It looks like TCAF should be a happy time for fans of Koyama's comics.
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