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May 1, 2014

Kudos To Jonah Weiland At CBR For Euthanizing His Message Boards And Relaunching Them With Changes

There's a very good personal essay here on a better than very good decision by Jonah Weiland to trash the Comic Book Resources message boards as currently constituted, and then reform them with a greater focus on policies and practices that will not foster abuse and harassment, particularly male to female. I join the chorus of voices in praise.

I believe what's important about this isn't Weiland taking a stand or deciding enough is enough or declaring his intention to be better; comics has been drawing lines in the sand on issues of harassment and hostility for years now, and we've recently seen an almost orgiastic wave of people declaring their intentions to serve as a watchdog and to generally stand up and be counted. And that's great, those things should be done. But what Jonah has done here that's particularly worth noting is three-fold. He took responsibility for what he had done to make the problem worse, he apologized, and he's now instituting a real-world change into how things will be done to try and make things better. What's even more awesome is that I believe he'll be rewarded for it. My hope is that this will inspire all of us to make similarly tough calls, to embrace self-criticism and to make changes in what we're up to, even if we don't get a deserved round of Internet applause for doing so. I hope that I can follow through, too.
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