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October 31, 2012

Kudos To Monkeybrain For Their Support Of The Hero Initiative

imageNew on-line initiative Monkeybrain Comics has announced will give all of the publisher's cut of money made in November to the Hero Initiative, a safety-net organization designed to help comics creators in need. It's worth noting that as a move in isolation -- one publisher giving up one month of revenue -- this will likely not have any significant, industry-altering impact. But however much money is raised ends up going to someone that really needs it and money provided in those circumstances is almost always extremely well spent by the people receiving the disbursement. $50 is groceries; $150 can be a couple of months of insulin; a few grand can pay for a funeral. Besides, it's just a nice thing to do, and if everyone does something similar and kind of internalizes the value of pitching in here or there, then things can change more significantly than they likely would with a few isolated actions launched into the context of a bunch of people standing around with their arms crossed, frowning. I liked Bandette best of their current offerings.
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