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July 27, 2011

L'Association's Post-Infighting Steps: Books, Blog


The seminal French arts-comics publisher L'Association has emerged from its recent spate of super-dramatic infighting with three books which they've announced on a brand-new blog. Those books are La Bande à Foster by Conrad Botes & Ryk Hattingh, about a notorious South African group of criminals in the early 20th Century; Viva la vida by Jean-Marc Troubet (Troubs) and Edmund Baudoin, a series of portraits from Juarez; and a combination audio/book piece of interview turned performance pieces by Christian Rosset called Avis d'orage dans la nuit.

The blog also includes photos of L'Association-related artists from the Angouleme Festival in the early 1990s. Just the fact that they have a blog, even at this late date, is an amazing thing given how fundamentally inscrutable the publisher's on-line exposure has been to date (it's even difficult to google the publisher and get an official site). A revamped site should follow this Fall.
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