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October 25, 2013

Latest On Lost Girls In Auckland: Review Forthcoming

There's a reasonably thorough article here about the status of the book Lost Girls in the Auckland Libraries. Two copies were in circulation starting in 2008. As I understand it, the central location copy was pulled not after a complaint from a patron but by library staff in anticipation of a potential lawsuit, which set off all sorts of alarms with some folks about the role that libraries should have in facilitating the communication of ideas through art -- even when presented in a way that's potentially problematic for one reason or another. It looks like there will be a review process. Dylan Horrocks is quoted extensively about its value, and is identified as one of those making the request that work be returned to circulation.

As much as the issues driving it are important and some of the moves distressing, it's actually sort of nice to read a news piece that deals with adult material in a straight-forward manner without sensationalizing anything. I'm not sure if that says more about me or North American news media that this stood out in my initial reading.
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