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October 10, 2010

Longbox Announces Partnership With Notion Ink And Their ADAM Tablet


Bleeding Cool has a nice, short interview up with Rantz Hoseley, the developer of the reading-comics-digitally application Longbox and a comics industry veteran of several years (he edited that big-ass Tori Amos tribute book Comic Book Tattoo, and was a presence as long ago as the late 1980s, when as I recall he illustrated a Denny Eichhorn story). Longbox announced a deal with Notion Ink, the company behind the heavily anticipated ADAM tablet computer.

Ironically, the ADAM and Longbox are both things that some members of their potential audiences have already half fallen for without actually having the final product yet, and both come with worries about their long-term viability because of the delay in getting them to market: iPad will have a gigantic head-start in terms of units sold (and the consumer commitment that comes with it ), while some comics companies have entered into deals with other reading method providers in a way that might Longbox critics wonder if it could catch up. Double ironically, one of the delays with ADAM is due to an investor wanting to have a holiday-season launch, while one of the delays with Longbox was a bad partnership dalliance that finally had to be scuttled. Those ironies aside, I get the sense that Hoseley is playing the long game, banking on the effectiveness of what he's developed and the way the market is eventually going to shake out in terms of general preferences for getting at digital comics work to see him through. It doesn't seem to me a bad way of going about it.

Anyway, I've been trying to write something about Hoseley and Longbox all year and I've totally failed, partly because of personal failure to get it done and partly because whenever Hoselely started talking to me about the various issues surrounding digital comics all I heard is that wah-wah voice the adults have in Peanuts cartoons. I am struggling to catch up with this part of the field, but for now -- for today! -- I gladly defer to Mr. Johnston.

It looks like they've also announced their 1.1 release.
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