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March 14, 2014

Lynn Johnston Makes Donation To Library And Archives Canada

There's a little post here at Sequential about Lynn Johnston making a donation to Libary and Archives Canada, which I guess already houses a bunch of that material. I actually think this is a really good thing, and I'm particularly pleased that Johnston has found a partner that wants her archival and supporting material. It would be very easy for us to make a societal choice that certain kinds of historical material aren't valuable and to disregard them altogether. In many cases, that's the choice we make, and I think the overlapping cultures involved are poorer for it. I also assume that insitutions like this love to get more material; it's what they do.

I wanted to call attention to this post both for news of that donation and to put into further circulation the idea that all comics-makers will hopefully give a thought to the eventual home for their papers, supporting material and art. That doesn't mean a library donation, necessarily, and it might not mean any sort of donation right now; it might just be designating someone in your family that you want to take charge of everything when you pass away. Anything you can do in this direction is a good thing, I think.
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