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September 6, 2013

Mark Waid Announces Expanded Retail Partnership

In another lengthy blog post, the writer Mark Waid announced the promised second half of the news he promised while dropping word that he had invested in the Muncie, Indiana comics-shop Alter Ego. After an offer of investment from the majority of the team behind the Skokie, Illinois store Aw Yeah! Comics -- which includes creators Franco Aureliani and Art Baltazar -- the crew on hand decided to partner up and invest in one another, making for a combination retail/digital comics publishing enterprise whose shape one imagines will be defined in the weeks and months ahead.

I don't have a similar relationship to Skokie that I have to my hometown, so this is a shorter article, but it shares with the first piece my approval of comics creators getting involved with other facets of the business beyond creating the material that flows through these establishments. I think that's healthy, and wish the new ownership team luck.
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