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January 4, 2011

Marvel Names Axel Alonso Its New Editor-In-Chief; Joe Quesada To Remain As Chief Creative Officer

imageThis seems to me a nice story as well, good news for the industry generally and that kind of comics-making specifically. I don't know Alonso at all, not even a little bit, but he strikes me as a comics-first guy in a period in comics history where Marvel as a publishing company could use every bit of close attention that comes with having a savvy, comics-first guy in that position. That's not in any way implied commentary on Joe Quesada, I swear. I'm comparing Alonso to other people that might hold that position in this day and age, not to his predecessor. Quesada's run would have to be termed a big success. Moreover, he leaves that historical position I believe still generally well-liked and certainly widely admired, which is sort of astonishing given the decisions that job calls for over time.

I didn't see this before, but Tom Brevoort was apparently promoted to SVP Publishing. He's also an important player in that world of comics, and a talented one, and they're best off keeping him happy and engaged and giving him work to match that talent.

Congratulations to all three men.
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