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August 25, 2008

Marvels Sequel Starts In December

Comic Book Resources has an article up on Marvel announcing they've scheduled Marvels: Eye of the Camera, a sequel to the 1990s best-seller Marvels to begin publication starting this December. The original series' writer, Kurt Busiek, returns, this time working with painter Jay Anacleto as opposed to original series painter Alex Ross.

imageMarvels was a big, obvious success for the company in a post-Image era where the company was being squeezed for every last bit of leverage and value it was worth. The publishing side of things really needed a defining hit, and Marvels was it for a really, really long time in publishing and public identity terms. Marvels was also kind of an odd book in that -- as more than a few critics have noted -- it's best remembered for a kind of wistful re-imagining of superheroes from the vantage point of people on the ground when both the witness-to-history metaphor that it represented, as well as the criticism of loving superheroes too much that was obvious on a close reading, are now almost completely forgotten.

My interest in this as a publishing news story is that I think it will underline how much the mainstream comic book business has changed in the last 12-15 years: the big publishers cultivate and manage premeditated blockbusters based on plot progressions and positioning now, they tend not to wake up and realize they have hits in their midst based on folks' reaction to a creative approach.

(I imagine there's also something to be said in a non-comics fashion that this was announced at Fan Expo Canada, and is a bigger announcement than any I can remember from any of the Wizard shows; it was only a short while ago that just about all major announcements were held for a Wizard show.)
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