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January 30, 2008

Matt High: Cold Cut Closed; To Re-Open In Illinois Sometime In February

imageAccording to a post yesterday on Matt High's livejournal in what he calls "unofficial" news, the beleaguered distributor Cold Cut closed shortly before Christmas and will re-open in Illinois some time in February. The company, High's post says, will have brand-new owners. The decades-plus distributor and hardy survivor well into a Diamond dominance era that reduced what used to be a multi-distributor landscape into so much rubble made news last summer when they announced they were up for sale. The last several months could have been additionally difficult for the distributor, as in general because of the risk involved in passing material through a chain of distribution such companies operate in part on the confidence invested them by companies that they will be able to do this. The company's web site was active as of late last year, and little had been heard from them in a while.

thanks, James Owen
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