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March 11, 2014

Mattel Wins Summary Judgment Over Donald Glut On Dispute Over Masters Of The Universe Property

imageThe hobby business news and analysis site has a concise write-up here springing from Eriq Gardner's Hollywood Reporter piece here about a district court providing a summary judgment in favor of Mattel over the writer Don Glut in terms of rights to the Masters Of The Universe characters. Glut wrote four small comics that provided backstory for the toy franchise back in 1981. He claimed that the material was licensed to Mattel, and that the company could not produce the work-for-hire agreement that would speak directly against these claims. For its part, Mattel provided other agreements pertaining to that line, pointed out Glut referring to the project that they believed confirmed his own belief they were work for hire, and noted the fact that Glut had never come forward to claim ownership over the last few decades.

As I recall, Mattel was the one that filed in order to clear the way for rights deals without the specter of Glut haunting any potential deals, after becoming aware that Glut was making claims to the property.

A written order is expected to follow the oral.
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