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August 24, 2006

Maximo Carvajal, 1935-2006


According to afNews, the Chilean cartoonist Maximo Gorki Carvajal Belmar died on Monday. Carvajal claimed to have learned to read with comic strips, and after studying in Vina del Mar and Santiago found his first work in comics while making ends meet as a factory worker. Greatly influenced by Milton Caniff, Carvajal ran the first magazine in Chile to publish work all of which was illustrated by Chileans. He became a prolific illustrator of adventure stories for such magazines as Vistazo, Ventarron, Clarin and El Mercurio. He later worked in science fiction, war and horror before moving into animation late in life. According to what I can get out of this long tribute, he may have been best known in certain circles for his work on the signature character Dr. Mortis, while the afNews article noted his enthusiasm for and outreach to the younger generations of Chilean cartoonists.
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