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December 31, 2013

Maybe One Last Thing To Do In 2013 Would Be To Consider A Small Gift To The Sakai Family


Efforts to raise money for the cartoonist Stan Sakai, caught by a shortcoming in financing necessary home healthcare services for his beloved wife Sharon, remain ongoing. The family announced an additional tragedy this week through a posting by Sakai on his Facebook account. You can go to a campaign page here.

It's really easy to give, and every tiny, modest amount can help in a situation like that one. I'm hoping to give another few dollars at some point today. I wish it could be more, and automatic.

Sakai is in the midst of a wholly admirable career, and to my knowledge has always conducted himself with class and significant kindness. In an arts community that can sometimes define need in terms of the desire to profit at maximum return from a vanity project or the preference to shoulder an everyday burden with the help of those that have less than the person asking for aid, I would hope there's room for an outpouring of direct support for one of comics' best at a time of real difficulty. He just strikes me as a good guy, is all, caught in an unfortunate situation; further, his career output is one of those that could hold a child's attention for hours at a time on the worst weekend of their life. Anyway, I hope you'll consider it.
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