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July 1, 2014

Meredith Finch, David Finch Taking Over Wonder Woman Comic

There are bunch of articles up today -- here's one -- about a publishing news announcement that the husband/wife team of Meredith and David Finch will be taking over DC's Wonder Woman title after the current team of Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang wrap up their New 52-launching run. I liked the Azzarello/Chiang version. It wasn't for me, but it seemed like a solid attempt at doing something with the character that was accessible and interesting and that character is a really tough one for comic book publishing in an semi-inexplicable way. To indicate how inexplicable, Thor used to be Marvel's version, this character where it seemed like no take existed that would make the title a hit, and that seems nutty today, right?

What struck me about the announcement wasn't anything about declared intentions for the character (the comments from both Finches seemed pretty boilerplate) or the tough work ahead replacing a critical favorite, but that while David Finch is an A-list talent for mainstream comics art, Meredith Finch sn't on the comparable list for writers. It seems as if the married couple has informally collaborated on a couple of things and Meredith has done some writing for a few small press titles. I was surprised that wasn't engaged in the PR. But hey, you know, good for any new writer scoring this kind of high-profile gig. That still happens in comics. I'm curious, though, as to why that wouldn't be a source of commentary. It was when some newbies took over the Green Lantern titles. I don't get a strong sense there was a specific, startling pitch that won the gig, either -- or at least that doesn't come out with this initial burst of press. So I find that interesting just as a casual observer. Forgive me if I'm missing something obvious to everyone else. Good luck to both creators.

I don't really follow mainstream comics as closely as I used to, but it does seem at least from what I hear in conversation that some of the DC titles are pursuing what might be seen as short-term editorial strategies -- not that they couldn't turn into long ones -- such as a newer team being tried out, or an artist with work elsewhere being brought in for a limited stretch. It's almost like there's some management being done around a forthcoming event, but the only I can think of that's coming up is the west coast move.
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