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February 11, 2014

Michael Cavna: Doonesbury Is Going On An Extended Hiatus


The news is here. It could be a year or two. Garry Trudeau is a very good television writer (his Tanner '88 collaboration with Robert Altman is the Mitochondrial Eve of modern, smart cable television series), and he's pursuing opportunities there -- he took some time off recently for the second season of his current Internet-first show, Alpha House.

Trudeau invented the cartoonist sabbatical -- as least as it is understood in modern terms -- with his hiatus in 1983-1984. That was 30 years ago! With Trudeau in his mid-sixties there has to be a chance greater than the earlier one a) he might not return, b) he'd only return to bring the strip to a close. He will keep furnishing Sundays during this period.

Doonesbury is a great, major newspaper strip, the only one not Calvin and Hobbes to launch in my lifetime. (There have been great strips and there have been major strips not those two, just not together.) I think it's severely underestimated the way a great TV show might be in the last couple seasons when the first few seasons were so powerful and beloved, but that work is still there and if the last five years of Doonesbury were a brand new strip by an unknown talent we wouldn't be able to shut up about it. I wish him every creative and professional happiness with whatever he wants to do and whenever he wants to do it.
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